Saturday, October 20, 2012

Snowman and Childhood dreams

As a child I often wonder how it's like to have white Christmas. Snow is all over, kids playing with their sleigh and throwing snowballs at each other. And the most exciting part for me is to make a huge snowman standing right at my doorstep. Ahh.. that daydream.. It's been years but it I never stopped hoping that it might soon come true.
Hopefully soon I can also make my own snowman. Make snowballs and lavish the feeling of being hit by one! Christmas is almost here, and every time I see a snowman, it makes me feel happy knowing my that childhood dreams are still here in my heart. Just waiting for the right time!

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  1. I dream your dream too :) I have always wanted to experience a "white Christmas" but my hubby is against the idea. For him, there's no place like spending once of the most special occasion in the Philippines.

    Kung ako lng, I would really spend kahit 1 day lng sa snowy areas just to get a feel of the white Christmas.


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