Friday, August 24, 2012

Test Shots

This was my Test Shots few years ago. I just went around and take some pictures of whatever I like. And I came upon this colony of ants around my father's vegetable garden. I'm not a pro when it comes to photography but I have this view of passion, I'm interested in capturing moments. Whether it's nice or stupid to other people, I'm going to explore and learn the craft that is Photography.

Then I started to learn editing with Photoshop. And it made me more excited to do my photos.

Marvelous things happen. It's amazing how I changed my photos into beautiful masterpieces.

I've learned new things and still learning for my dreams. I'm hoping for the best in each click that I made.
In this blog I will share my photos and things I've learned through each encounter that I have. Life is indeed beautiful. Colorful and Vibrant. I hope you'll stay with me in each post that I will be making.


  1. Life is indeed beautiful...your shots here are them all :-)

  2. indeed life is beautiful and colorful, ems, and the editing you did in that leaf is a stand-out, and it is beautifully done, the editing is subtle not overly done, that it looks very natural. love your pics.

  3. Photography is like my baby that gives me an excitement every time I click my shutter.

  4. I also love photography! and this work of yours looks great, Goodluck :)


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